Matt and Sarah create workshops for professionals who support survivors of child sexual abuse.

Here are three important questions that author, advocate and child sexual abuse survivor, Matt Carey, and trauma therapist, Sarah Paton-Briggs discovered were largely unanswered…..until now.

  • Where’s the training course for professionals who work with survivors of child sexual abuse, presented from a survivor’s perspective?

  • Who runs workshops that help professionals understand first-hand the needs of survivors of child sexual abuse who want to heal? 

  • What training do professional therapists and specialist charities need to best help survivors of child sexual abuse?

Matt & Sarah’s workshop solution

Having asked the questions, Matt and Sarah found the answers. Here’s what came they came up with…

Informal and informative

A series of informal, open-hearted, non-judgemental training workshops for professionals who work with survivors of child sexual abuse.

New and unique

Matt and Sarah believe that combining Matt’s personal experience, as a survivor of child sexual abuse, with Sarah’s professional experience, as a Trauma therapist, provides a new and unique opportunity to energise and enable professional therapists through informal education and training.

More than just an anonymous case study

Matt and Sarah decided there was a real need in the therapist community for professional training presented to professionals which includes a real-life survivor’s perspective.

And the opportunity to hear from and speak one-on-one with Matt at every workshop.

All presented from Matt and Sarah’s new and unique perspective.

Workshop 1:

Working with survivors of child sexual abuse London, May 18 2019

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