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Cycle of Abuse

Experiencing abuse is one thing. Figuring out what just happened to me and how it changed my life, beyond recognition or belief, was something it took me years to understand, and come to terms with.

Discovering there’s something called the Cycle of Abuse really helped me understand why I behaved the way I did after being sexually abused as a child.

It was such a relief to discover I wasn’t crazy after all. Now I know why I reacted so badly to people and the world in general when things became too much.

The Cycle of Abuse - definition, explained and examples

Here’s a really great explanation of the Cycle of Abuse I found on the Cleverism website. Thanks Cleverism.

I hope understanding the Cycle of Abuse helps you as much as it’s helped me.

You’re not alone,



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Feel free to also check out my resources page for a list of people and organisations who exist to offer help and support to survivors of child sexual abuse.

You’re not alone,