Steven Nolan show on BBC 5 Live - 29 June 2018

Matt Carey and his trauma therapist, Sarah Paton Briggs interview on the Steven Nolan Show on BBC 5 Live. 

Matt shares his experiences of child sexual abuse with Steven Nolan.

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Message from Matt...

I do hope this interview helps you.

I've been very honest and answered Steven Nolan's questions in detail.

This is a very powerful interview and may not be easy listening for some. 

If you are affected by the content and would like to speak with someone, please check out my resource page for a list of people and organisations who support survivors of child sexual abuse.

And if I can help you in anyway, please feel free to get in touch.

You're not alone,


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Listen to Matt Carey - author of A Small Boy Smiling, tell his story of child sexual abuse, survival and letting go of shame.