What readers say about Matt Carey's, A Small Boy Smiling

This is a remarkable book from a remarkable man, and is a timely and necessary addition to the #nomore movement from a male perspective. This is a must-read for anyone who is fighting the wounds left from their young lives or who is trying to walk a spiritual path towards healing. I salute Matt Carey’s bravery for facing this pain and putting his story into the public domain.
— Jennifer Parker, Ph.D.

Few of us embark upon a life’s journey with extreme, life-changing trauma as Matt has experienced. Very brave - very forthright. Stark and shocking.  How else could you describe that type of inhumane behaviour and its challenging effects? Few could ever conceive of the pain he went through writing this astounding book.

To have faced all that and come out the other side, still a highly spiritual, loving person is remarkable. There are many delightful tales as Matt travels the globe, meeting the ‘teachers’ he was destined to see along the way. I sincerely hope it will be made available in all libraries, therapy centres and in Talking Book form to help so many other survivors.
— Stephen Peters - London, UK

A Small Boy Smiling powerfully illustrates the challenges survivors’ face overcoming the chronic shame and traumatising affects of sustained childhood sexual abuse. And how recovery is hard work, takes a long time and is ultimately worthwhile. A brave account and an inciteful read.  
— Anonymous 

A beautifully written, compelling and mesmerising story of triumph over evil and the strength of the human spirit...I couldn’t put it down.
— Maddie Kitchen

A powerful, compelling and brutally honest book about recovery from both child abuse and alcoholism. It’s, at times, undeniably harrowing but it is ultimately hugely uplifting and inspiring. It’s both a story of Matt Carey’s spiritual journey and a wonderful self-help book for survivors of abuse and addiction
— Marcus Hoffman

A gripping and harrowing story of a very brave, courageous young child. Truly heartfelt story and how a very brave and strong man turned it around. Reading A Small Boy Smiling gives me the courage to reach out, now I know that we can heal and find peace.... we need to reach out more, it really helps yourself and others. We are all survivors
— Miss Sharon Ashelford

Matthew’s book is a brutally honest tale of being targeted by paedophiles as a young child, and the life long consequences resulting from this experience. It’s not just a description of his abuse. far more powerfully Carey talks openly and honestly about the tools and techniques he has trialled over the years to face his shame and fear, to ensure he can and does live a fully engaged, open and fulfilling life. Matthew Carey’s honesty and openness, I imagine, will be inspiration for other victims struggling with their own experience of abuse. A Small Boy Smiling is valued reading for anyone affected by or working in the worlds of abuse and addiction.
— Sarah W

It’s hard to read the first part, but how I felt was that I didn’t want to ‘abandon the child’, i.e. stop reading. I felt so profoundly disturbed in places – and yet grateful too, to read an account that I can, dynamics-wise, relate to. I have never read or heard anything like this. A Small Boy Smiling is a story of hope. I’d like to bring my two hands together and tip my head forward to the author of this book, written in the language of the heart.
— Anonymous

I first met Matt whilst seeking help for alcoholism. His extraordinary story inspired me to realise that my obstacles, too, could be overcome. Matt is a man who vibrates hope and love so strongly that he played a pivotal role in saving my life. His story has to be told so as to inspire others to realise that there is always hope despite suffering extreme troubles and darkness. It is an honour to know Matt and to call him my friend.
— Anonymous

A spiritual odyssey; from the ashes of despair, hopelessness and crippling shame, rises a truly courageous account of resilience and inner strength. As a small boy tries to make sense of it all. A story of great wisdom, embracing forgiveness and compassion, reminding us all of the miracle of being present and conscious.
— Mark Campbell

Matt Carey’s book, A Small Boy Smiling, is very powerful. It’s difficult to think that a young boy had to go through such horrible trauma. It made me think of my situation when I was his age, that something similar happened to me. Reading the trauma he suffered has given me strength to know that he got through it and so did I. His story has given me hope
— Andreas

A Small Boy Smiling is a real page turner; a story of triumph over extreme adversity, of sheer determination and an openness that allows the author, as well as the reader, to go on an amazing journey. From a middle class upbringing in a suburban English town, to the city of London, to the crowded, chaotic streets of India, to the peace and inspiration of the Himalayas, and on to bustle of Brazil.... such are the contrasts of this remarkable journey that, from beginning to end, the reader is swept along with the characters, described in such a way that one feels both the depth of the emotional pain and the moments of sheer, unadulterated joy.

It is so beautifully written; one can picture every scene as the description is so vivid and colourful that even in the darkest moments the reader lives them along with the author. I found it a greatly uplifting spiritual journey, that I loved taking, and want to do again......a superb piece of writing that deserves to be at the top of the Best Seller list.

— Pamela Brown - London, UK