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Soulful Space: Reflections On My Therapy Work With the Author

This chapter of A Small Boy Smiling is written by my psychotherapist, Sarah Paton Briggs. 

I recommend reading the Soulful Space chapter for anyone considering therapy for the trauma of PTSD from child sexual abuse.

Sarah brings her considerable expertise and offers a professional perspective to my journey of healing, therapy options, and practical advice to fellow survivors of sexual abuse who may be considering professional therapy. 

Sarah has played a key role in my healing which is why I was so pleased when she agreed to pull back the curtain of client/therapist confidentiality and write a chapter about my therapy sessions with her from the therapists perspective. 

I did so as I want other survivors of child sexual abuse who may be wary about working with a psychotherapist to understand how therapy works, and the benefits it can offer.

I highly recommend Sarah Paton Briggs.

Matthew’s book is brutally honest tale of his experience being targeted by paedophiles as a young child and the life long consequences resulting from this experience. It’s not just a description of his abuse - far more powerfully he talks openly and honestly about the tools and techniques he has trialled over the years to face his shame and fear, to ensure he can and does live a fully engaged, open and fulfilling life
— Sarah W